Following the footsteps of the famous "Leonessa d'Italia" (1801), born in 1986 in the musical circle "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo" which gave many Italian cities and European joy, tradition and music of the most important.
In 1990 Circe The musical received a particular secc at the National for the bands held in L'Aquila (Abruzzo). In this competition I ncini Leo d'Abruzzo "have received praise from the Professor of Music Severino Gazzelloni.
The Musical Club was born under the direction of Music Professor Ezio Di Luzio and chaired by Mr. Antonio Botticchio was appointed Regional President of the Bands and musical groups that are part of the "AMBIMA ABRUZZO.
For 5 years the group was headed by Professor Corrado Lambon music and during this period took place on twinning with the city of Budapest (Hungary) and in this beautiful city I Leoncini d'Abruzzo "for their concerts, have been very successful.
For 14 years the group is headed by Professor of Music Paolo Alfano, graduated at the Conservatory "Casella Antonio de L'Aquila" who with his great skill and perseverance has contributed to their success.
2002 "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo" participated in the gathering of bands held in "Mirabilandia" and in the same year they also partecipa program "Uno Mattina" Italian television RAI UNO.
12 to 19 october 2002 they attended the third International Trophy and Majorette Groups in Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona). In this city (Malgrat de Mar) they are classified in the first place with former equo the representatives of Slovenia.
In April 2003 in Prague they attended the fourth International Marathon bands, which was appreciated their extraordinary exhibition.
In May 2003 they participated in the third Inter-gathering bands to "Fornal di Amelia (Terni). In June 2005 I Leoncini d'Abruzzo ", directed by Professor of Music Filippetti Mariano participated in the Tenth National bands di" Scandicci (Firenze), where they won the first place.
December 2006 the Cercle Musical "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo" organizes the first stage for musicians and conductors of wind instruments held by Professor of Music Jan Van der Roost.
August 2007 the Club organized the Musical "is similar to Inter Pescina bands (L'Aquila Abruzzo) which involved a lot of musicians.
November 2007 "I Leoncini dAbruzzo" participate in the first Brass Band Festival in Roma Piazza Sempione.
December 2007 "I Leoncini dAbruzzo Circle Musical" I Leoncini d'Abruzzo "holds the stage for musicians and conductors of wind instruments held by Professor of Music Josè Alcacer Dura.
April 2008 "I Leoncini organizing the Third Stage brass bound by the Professor of Music and Basilio Ruggeri Antonio Sanfilippo.
In May 2008 Professor of Music Paolo Alfano was asked to "Radio Vaticana" to present and talk about "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo and in the same period they participated in the program" Cominciamo Bene "RAI TRE.