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Following in the footsteps of the famous "Lioness of Italy" (1801), born in 1986 the Circle Banda Musicale "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo" which resulted in many cities of the Italian peninsula and Europe, the joy, tradition and music of the most famous authors. A particular success was achieved in the National Band Competition held in L'Aquila in 1990, where "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo" were able to resume the character of the mother band.
Among the praise and numerous consensus is to remember the testimony of the famous Maestro Severino Gazzelloni: "For the boys of Complex Bandistico" I Leoncini, "heirs of the great band that was Pescina and brought in much of Italy and of Europe on behalf of this city. The best wishes for you." The Musical Club was founded under the leadership of  M ° Ezio Di Luzio and the Bureau of sig. Antonio Botticchio chè with its constant commitment shown over time in 2007 was proclaimed President of the Regional all bands and musical groups and choral members dell'ANBIMA Abruzzo. For 5 years the group was directed by M ° Corrado Lambona. E 'in this period that twinning is made with the city of Budapest (Hungary) during which "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo" is performed in various concerts earning numerous consents. In advance of the time the whole band has grown both for the large number of items that are attending the Conservatory of music or who have already graduated, and for the tenacity and the patience of the Masters. The repertoire ranges from military marches to symphonic marches, songs from classics to modern tunes. For nearly 14 years has guided and directed by M ° Paolo Alfano, graduated from the Conservatory "A. Casella" of L'Aquila, which has the merit of the enlargement and consolidation of the success and popularity. In recent years have created two new components as part of the music group of all consists of 25 elements ranging from 8 to 15 years of age who attend the school of music of the circle, a choir of white voices " 44Gatti "and" Choral Folk Fontamara "(chorus of four voices, composed of about 30 singers, whose repertoire ranges from classical to folkloric genre). During 2002 the club participated in the gathering of bands that was held in Mirabilandia (Ravenna), with the presence of musicians in 2200 and later was host to two of the television broadcast on RAIUNO ONE MORNING.  From 12-19 October 2002 he attended the 3rd International Trophy Music Bands and Majorette in Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona). During the event the group has performed concerts in various parts of the city square in the Spanish and Catalunya in Barcelona having considerable success. On that occasion, "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo" were classified in 1st place, ex aequo with the representative of Slovenia.

In April 2003, he was invited to tend the 4th International Marathon Festival of Bands at the city of Prague, where, in the beautiful setting of the clock square in the heart of Old Town, has been appreciated and rewarded as the best band for 'performance and the direction received by the compliments and the Mayor of the city.  In May 2003, attended the 3rd Meeting of Inter-Bands music that took place in Fornole Amelia (TR) and, in August of that year, at the 13th edition of the International Festival of Folklore held in Roccavivi ( AQ), together with the national teams of South Africa, Ecuador, Sweden, Russia and Mexico.
In September 2003 he was included in the program from the 13th edition of Rassegna Musicale city of San Gemini (TR) and, in the same month, there was participation in the VII National Bands Competition "The Golden Wand", with the exhibition at the splendid setting of the theater "Nestor" of Frosinone.
Repeatedly inserted in the program of cultural events of the Abruzzo Region and the Province of L'Aquila, the Music Circle has produced in a time of continuing consolidation work doing educational activities and collaborating with numerous associations, municipalities and public institutions in the territory: Ass Cultural A. Toscanini "Avezzano, Ass Cultural Arcivelino" Avezzano, Ass Cultural Karysma "L'Aquila, Ass Culturale" Icarus "L'Aquila, L'Aquila CARISPAQ Foundation, Ass Culturale" G. Franciscan "San Benedetto dei Marsi, Centro Studi" I. Silone "Pescina, Disabled Pescina Center, Istituto Don Orione Avezzano, School of Pescina.
May 2004 Participation in the Regional Festival of Abruzzo, a project sponsored by the Region of Abruzzo, performing a concert at the Cathedral of St. Cetteo in Pescara performing simultaneously with M ° Mauro Pappagallo - Professor of Institution - and the opera singer Fernanda M ° D 'Hercules. July 2004 Participation in the "Stock Exchange of Culture 2004" at the Museum "the civitella" of Chieti contributing to the release of the traveling exhibition of the province of bands; July 2004, participation in the Regional Final Music Competition sponsored by Enel and dall'ANBIMA, "Energy In Banda" classified at 2nd place, held in Francavilla al Mare. In 2005, the band in concert turns into an orchestra of winds, creating a show with singers and modern, voice actors, artists and street dancers, able to give great emotions as shown in the concert of the run 01/05/2005 the square of the town of Pescina (AQ) crowded with people of all ages to demonstrate the ability to convolgimento the entertainment offered. June 2005 Join the 10th National Bandistico Scandicci (FI) organized by the Philharmonic "V. Bellini "and the Municipality of Scandicci, dall'assesorato culture of the Tuscany region, winning 1st PLACE, directed by M ° Mariano Filippetti, representing the front of the Philharmonic Cornigliano (GE), folk band of Telve (TN), Body Music Alessandro Pirovano (LC), Complex Bandistico U Scipione "City of Formia Philharmonic Society and the City of Grosseto.
August 2005 Plan "Interregional Meeting of The Bands - Culture Musical band" - City of Pescina, involving about 200 musicians of the band components of Strangolagalli-Ripi (FR), the city of Banda Musicale Sassinoro (BN) and the Great Concert Bandistico city of Ordona (FG) and the Circle itself, the event was included in the first edition of the Festival in County: 365 days of Culture - promoted by the Province of L'Aquila. March 2006 in Rimini performs at the Music Fair, DISMA SHOW Muisc 2006, earning a very good agreement of the public.  April 2006 Participation in the Youth Orchestra at the National Competition The Golden Wand of Frosinone receiving the consent of the panel and the large audience. December 2006, the club organizes the Musical Stage 1 training for musicians and conductors of wind, given by the great Master Jan Van der Roost. For this event lasting three days was attended by directors of wind orchestras from all over Italy and on 17 December 2006 Master Jan Van der Roost has performed on the songs with a first performance in Italy directing the orchestra of Winds "I Leoncini d'Abruzzo "in front of over a thousand people in awe. August 2007 Plan "Interregional Meeting II Bands - Culture Musical band" - City of Pescina, involving about 300 musicians of the band components of the City of Thousand Fanfara (BG), the city of Banda Musicale Armelis (AQ) and Concert Bandistico city of GISS (CH) and the Club itself.  September 2007 Organization of a Stage for Brass concert with M ° Antonio Ruggeri trumpet of the Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia Roma, held September 21-23 at the Teatro di San Francesco Pescina. November 2007 Join the First Festival of Bands Musicali in Rome in Piazza Sempione; Organization for children of the School of Music of the feast of Hallowen; Lessons Concerto in schools of Pescina, S. Benedetto dei Marsi; November 2007, the orchestra of winds "I leoncini d'Abruzzo" has recorded and presented to the public on 1 audio CD entitled "Pa Pa Zum Zum", with incised bands and songs are typically original songs recorded by the band Live during the Stage Master Jan Van Der Roost. copertina_cd_2006_2_400December 2007 Organization for the month of December 14-15 and 16, 2nd Stage training for musicians and directors with Orchestra concert conducted by Maestro Jose Alcacer Dura, Spanish and primary interpreter of Spanish music; 15/12/2007 organizing the Conference on Culture Musical Spanish with M ° Jose Dura Alcacer (Valencia), M ° Fulvio Creux (Italian Army Band Director), M ° Antonella Bona (Deputy Director Italian Army Band). April 2008 The Circle Banda Musicale "I leoncini d'Abruzzo" has organized the 3rd Stage for Brass held by M ° ANTONIO RUGGERI Trumpet dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome and by M ° BASILIO SANFILIPPO 1st Trombone dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. The course in three days of individual and group lessons at the end of which took place a concert of brass ensemble and a soloist with piano accompaniment. Saturday 19 April at 18.00 the Masters held a conference open to all on: METHOD OF STUDY, AND SETTING RESPIRATOR.
The Club Musical Band called for three consecutive years for participation in the Columbus Day in New York.
May 2008 was called the Maestro Alfano to Vatican Radio to talk about "Leoncini d'Abruzzo and the world of gangs, in the same month the band was involved with two different performances and interviews, the television broadcast" Good start "on RAITRE. Participation in the July 2008 Review of XXVth Bande Musicali di Montone (PG) having considerable success.  Participation in the August 2008 Meeting held in Peoples bands for the 40th anniversary of the birth of the band of Peoples;  December 2008, is working actively to the implementation of the "NOTES OF AUTHOR in Concert - Ignazio Silone and the folk music of his time" promoted dall'Anbima Abruzzo, with a concert that was involved, musicians, singers, poets and street artists which was appreciated by about 1500 people in the press and local TV.



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